Last Day

It’s a gorgeous morning – condensation on the window and sunshine. I’m soon to head in to see The Sheltering Sky at the Art Gallery. I vaguely recall seeing it back in the early nineties when I worked in a video store and was going through a massive Malkovich phase. I was about eighteen, nineteen, and I remember it being ‘slow’. I caught The Last Emperor yesterday. Finally. I remember as a child it winning Best Picture back in 1987 – its theme music imbedded in my head from that awards ceremony. It was a treat to see on the big screen.

So, last three movies today. I’ll be catching Side by Side - doco on the transition from film to digital. Very interested, particularly after my thoughts on Whores’ Glory. Then the closing night film at the State – Safety Not Guaranteed. I don’t know how I will feel after this is all over. I already feel changed by this whole experience. Inspired. When I told my mother about this blog, her response was, “So you’re procastinating.” I knew what she meant. Am I writing about cinema instead of making cinema myself? Well, I’m inspired. Perhaps I can do both, Mum.


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